Operation Husky-details.

This campaign will take place shortly after the initial beach landings (with  little organisational license).

There will be some key areas where the fighting will take place, in particular Priamasol  bridge and the airfield at Pont Olivio, of course there will be others.

The pressure will be on the Allies to make gains over the weekend an push the various Italian and German forces back, this is not to say that the Axis’ players will be sat in foxholes all weekend.

There is no shortage of reading material on this subject available online, for you to chose a force that you enjoy playing with. Ideally I would like to see  a strong representation from the Italians but realistically the Axis forces will be predominantly German- unless?


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Next event

With Cassino behind us it’s now time to think about Sicily and Operation Husky. (I know the timeline is back to front)

In this campaign you’ll have the chance to use a wide range of troop from the Western theatre but I am hoping to see a good showing from the Italians. The specific fighting period will be released soon.

Please pencil it in – Operation Husky on June 15th and 16th 2013

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Cassino summary

Fearnaught Cassino summary.
Triple Helix Wargames, March 2nd and , 2013.
A few late cancellations saw a far smaller gathering that normal and more concerning (for me) prior to Saturday was that the Axis/Allies split was a particularly scary 3/7. Fortunately, Mark and Derek brought along quite a few spares and I brought along 3 German forces, well 2 and half to be precise and with some last minute tweaking I’d claim things went along pretty well. I should like to thank everyone that came along for making the event so enjoyable. Continue reading

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It’s time to get the numbers sorted for this one. Expect an e-mail soon and please confirm (or otherwise) as soon as possible.

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Kursk- summary

Another hard fought campaign done and dusted 27 intrepid gamers giving it their all.  Once again a pleasure to organise with the attitude and approach of the attendees being superb. Also very grateful for the help with terrain, reserves and list checking.

Here’s what happened:

Continue reading

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Slight changes to format

Taking a leaf from the last event  I have selected an overall commander along with separate commanders for artillery and the air force


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Looking for last lists..

Just one or two lists missing now. You know who you are, please get them in.

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All attendees confirmed- !

All 29 of the protagonists have now been counted.  Yes, that is an odd number which we can deal with in a number of ways. Get an extra (German) player, give control of an the (missing) 1500 point force to an existing German player or split it between two. Or either Lee or myself can use it.

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Current situation

We have 28 players committed with 1 yet to do so.

Of the 28 players attending 15 have Russian Forces and the remaining 13 are German. So, it looks like I may have to ask one Russian player to swap over. Then sods law dictates that the last player to commit will want to take Germans..  Unless we get another German player along with uncommitted player.

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Lists please

We’re waiting on quite a number of lists. Let’s have them please.

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