I use this page as a scrap book of sorts,  when I have a brainstorm I write it down here. Consequently there’s not a whole lot of order here but some of the ideas here were used to good effect order online at usa pharmacy! dapoxetine online pharmacy . online drugstore, cheap dapoxetine sertraline 100mg tablets (generic zoloft ) price : select quantity below add to my cart. product information; image gallery; wikipedia info; compare prices . in Fear Naught 2010 and there will certainly be some more added for FN 2011

  • Winning abattle means reserves….for thecampaign or atempting to take out an enemy reserve See scrivs’ post on TWF for more details
  • Re: Fighting withdrawal- Units removed will be the only ones you can use in the next battle (if you lose?) The attacker uses the same force, casualties do not reutrn but below half platoons do.
  • Secret cards.. Handed out at anytime during the game/weekend. With bonuses- secret orders etc. Laminated cards so they can be written on with bingo markers. Allies/axis logos.
  • Strongly linked battles, the outcomes  of which will have a direct effect on not only the team’s next move but also the individuals.
  • Many uneven contested battles, war isn’t fair; deal with it.
  • Constantly changing objectives, your section doing well, ready to break through? No can do, apart from your sector the line has collapsed- fall back in good order and dig in.
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  • Company level decisions from HQ, the weekend will ultimately only amount to perhaps   a few hundred yards gained, or?
  • Some very specific scenarios pertaining to the  theatre.
  • Fighting to be focused on a few main hotly contested sections: the factory, the ‘first’ overpass, the bowling alley etc with areas either side and in between having randomly generated results or results tweaked by the organisers based on the outcomes of played scenarios.
  • Secret reserves! Get the opponent to roll a dice (to spot perhaps?) on a 6 or whatever the reserves/ambush/flanking force/paras fail to arrive, although the opponent will not know what he is rolling for. A roll isn’t stricly necessary as the organisers can decide where these units/platoons are required. Anyhow, if a roll is successful the player gets a  bit of help, how about a covered box with the platoon inside to bring on anywhere he wants within two turns, with restrictions.  18″ from X point etc.
  • Try to maintain the actual geography of the event, i.e. if you finish your game holding a road junction for example, then that’s where you set off on the next game, or on the flip side, that’s where you dig in to face the inevitable counterattack. Downside of this idea is that  you could be locked in combat with the same opponent for the whole weekend, which is of course exactly what did happen in reality but to keep the games fresh we should endeavour to keep opponents different. The offficial line could be that you were simply pulled out of the line to plug a gap elsewhere or because you weren’t holding your own!
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  • Have to somehow make use of what happened at Anzio at the beginning of ’44 in Fear Naught 2011. There were some hard fought contests and I’m sure some commanders will want payback in some way.
  • How about in the weeks and months leading up to FearNaught 2011 I organise some games in clubs up and down the country that the various participants play in to really set the scene. There was one particular loose end that needs tidying up. Obvisously (at time of writing) I can’t divulge where the fighting will take place exactly for 2011 but needless to say there will be plenty of action to make use of.
  • Mission Swap. Let the players set up and start the agreed mission with clearly defined objectives/outcomes. Next, complete switch. E.g. Start off playing No Retreat then a turn or so in, attackers have to fall back and immediately defend some objectives I’ve placed on the table.
  • Breakthrough switch.. as above, slightly trickier due to quarters set up. So, while setting up, the attacker (or me) gets to place one (suggest infantry) division in one of the defenders quarters to either a) make him deal with it or committ to that quarter or b)set up  in the other quarter. This will make things a bit easier when the roles are reversed.
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  • Set up in darkness. Either one player set up with no knowledge about the enemy’s strength or position and knowing little other than taking up positions on the front line. Perhaps one player could set up in private, the rest go for a walk around the museum.  once he’s set up, pull a light cloth over that part of the table and the opponent can set up.
  • To make it even more interesting, have the player/s  place their entire army down at the back edge of the table, in command (?) and properly, limbered up as necessary. They have a limited time to set up (blind) ie they cant see the other half of the table. Game on.
  • Before play begins,  but after the Germans (have set up) one or two or more perhaps have a chance to ‘fly’ over the enemy positions. That is, the players can walk passed the tables taking notes, or even taking photos. (I phones?) so that they can pass on as much info to their friends as they want.
  • The players that attend clubs together can also play some games together for points that they can spend on bonuses over the weekend. Or bonus cards. etc etc..
  • Create a corridor-advanced Breakthrough mission.
  • Tank traps for Kursk , specially made terrain sections.

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