Falaise -2011

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To add:
Browlow, Chris
Down, Tony
Bond, Rich
Morton, Jamie

Honorary reserve list:
Bowman, Steve
Bolton, Michael


  • Graham, Alan/  Canadian (Infantry)
  • Carr, Chris/ Canadian (Infantry)
  • Hartshorne, Paul/ US (Armour)
  • Hewitt, Gary / US  (Armour or Infantry)
  • Legg, Chris /US (Infantry)
  • Powell, Andy/US (Infantry)
  • Waple, Mark/ US (Infantry)
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  • Pickard, Adrian/ US
  • Randal, Dave/ British (Rifles)
  • Bennett, Marcus/ British (4th Welch)
  • Green, David/ British(Grenadier Guards Armoured Company)
  • Rowe, Ian / British
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  • Martin, Mark/ British
  • Jones, Steve / Polish  (Armoured Recce)
  • MacLeod, Toby/ French  (2nd Armoured)


  • Emsen, Nigel / Fallschirmjaeger
  • Cavanagh, Colin /Fallshirmjaeger
  • Nettle, Paul /  KG
  • Miller, Iain/KG
  • Morgan, Jeff /KG
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  • Llewelyn, Nicholas/KG (Panzer Kompanie)
  • Funnel, James/ KG
  • Gedney,Rich /KG
  • Street, Sam /SS
  • Holley, Gavin/ SS
  • McGonigle, Brian/SS (12th SS Panzer Division “Hitler Jugend”)
  • Entwistle, Peter/SS
  • Hall, Tom/SS (Panzer Kompanie)

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